135+ Genius Small Closet Ideas and Makeover

129 Genius Small Closet Ideas

There’s never enough storage for home. By doubling the number of garments you can hang on one hanger. Who doesn’t drool over those beautiful closets you see with miles of shelving and hanging space and even an island in the middle full of storage drawers? But just because you have a closet that you can “walk” into, doesn’t mean that you have a huge closet.

Some of hack you can do is simply pop the tab off the can and slip it around the hook of a hanger. Spray-paint a foot-long plastic chain in any color you like, then attach the last link to a large S-hook also can help a lot. There is many more you can do!

This post is compiling 135+ Genius Small Closet Ideas that can help you. So many ideas you can try to make your closet more efficient and organized. Enjoy and don’t forget to share!

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