69 Artsy Wall Painting ideas for Your Home

Artsy wall painting ideas for your home 57

One simple way to inject more personality into your home is with a simple coat of paint, or artsy painting for the wall. Paint is a versatile medium that can do so much for your overall design without breaking your budget. Whether you prefer a bold, vibrant vibe or something more relaxing and mellow, your living home should be as unique as you are.

Painting the floors can also open up a world of design possibilities, especially if you choose to paint or stain a concrete floor. For modern simplicity, a bold, solid color or bright white works well. You can also imitate the look of traditional checkerboard tile with two contrasting paint colors.

For you who interested in making your home looks artsy, we have already compiling some great ideas through this post. Browse our 69 Artsy Wall Painting ideas for Your Home below. Take some inspirations and make your home like what you want!

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